Sinus Clearing & Soothing Tonic

Sinus Soothing Tonic Recipe

This is such a fave. The addition of thyme and sage are so refreshingly fragrant and different.

If you suffer from sinusitis or blocked sinuses…if you have got a cold or flu…

If you’re feeling that pain behind your eyes, cheekbones or teeth…or that horrible sinus headache…

If you do, you’re going to LOVE this simple tonic.

The combination of ingredients will clear the blockages, thin, and eliminate the mucous and help dramatically reduce infection.

Remember – sinusitis is a result of a vicious circle: inflammation causes the pain and mucous is produced as a response to this, but the production of mucous triggers more inflammation!

This tonic hits the mucous and the inflammation and helps clear the pathways and relieve the pressure.

I’ve included turmeric as ‘optional’ because it does have that very strong, pungent flavor that can overpower the delicate deliciousness of the sage and thyme. But it IS the most anti-inflammatory food on Earth, so it will help…

But I also figured you get plenty of turmeric from my other recipes (like those below this one 🙂 – enjoy those!)

Sinus Soothing Tonic


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  1. Jennifer Reading Reply

    Hi Ross
    for some reason your Sinus Clearing and Soothing Tonic won’t come up I think there is an error on the page….As always thanks for all that you share so freely. Hope you and your family are well.

    Kindest Regards

  2. Michelle Reply

    The link to this recipe is broken, can you repost it? Thanks!

  3. Tim Reply

    Hi good day, how and when do u cosume this tonic

  4. Ali Reply

    Can I make this the night before and have in the morning or will it lose it’s nutritional value?

  5. Susana Reply

    Like this site

  6. Mariam Reply

    A real good stuff. Keep up the good work.