Cheapest Alkaline Water Methods Explained

Article by ross

After my recent Alkaline Water Q&A Session there was ONE KEY QUESTION that kept coming up over and over again: what are the easiest and cheapest ways to make alkaline water?

In this short video I run through all of the techniques:

> what they are
> how they work
> the costs
> the pro’s and con’s

Included are ‘lemon water’, adding sodium bicarb, alkaline jugs, alkaline sticks, pH drops and more!


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  3. Alex Reply

    It’s all buy buy buy

    but a good way to make alkaline and ionized water is to make your own thing…it’s not more than a 30 pounds and can get you ph10 and orp -200/-300 … and if you pay attention to details you can even have -1000 i did it and it’s no where near rocket science.

    buying stuff will kill the hunt/joy/journey …

  4. yvonne main Reply


    Could you tell me whether taking multi vit bcomplex vit c and fish oils would contribrite to an acidified body. email

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Yvonne,
      Multivitamins, B-complex, Vitamin C and Fish oils are actually supplements that our body needs. There are some nutrients that our body cannot produce such as Omega oils. The other we need to intake to fill out the deficiency of such nutrient because of our lifestyle and what we eat. But we have to keep in mind that supplements are not there to replace all the nutrients that we have lost.