Why Ionized Water Is More Hydrating Than Other Waters

Article by ross

What a claim to make! It might be a statement that seems confusing at first, how could one water be more hydrating than another water? As you read this article you will understand the simple reasons why ionized water is not only a higher quality, better filtered, more alkaline water than any other – but it really is more hydrating too this is scientific fact.

How Ionized Water is More Hydrating
When You Drink Ionized Water You Can Feel It!

I want to keep this really simple, but I know there are a lot of you out there that will want to know the scientific facts too. So I am going to explain this twice! The first explanation will be the simple explanation and the second will be the scientific explanation!

The Simple Explanation

Ionized, microclustered water is fundamentally different to conventional water, bottled water, distilled water, filtered water, reverse osmosis water or plain old tap water (click here for a full comparison of these water types).

The size and shape of the water molecule changes when the water is ionized – it is ‘microclustered’. This means that the water molecules are simply made smaller so that the water can better penetrate and hydrate the cells of the body and can more easily permeate the walls of the cells.

A huge secondary bonus of this, is that whatever is in the water we drink is better absorbed also – so if you’re drinking green drinks or other supplements with the ionized water – these supplements will be better absorbed and more effective!

Think of your cell walls as being a fine mesh with tiny gaps. When we drink tap water that has approximately 12 molecule clusters, the water molecules are too large to be able to get through. But when the water is ionized and ‘microclustered‘ it only has approximately 4-6 clusters and it can therefore more easily pass through the fine mesh cell walls.

A good, tangible representation of this can be seen with brewing tea. When you use microclustered, ionized water the pigment of the tea dissolves rapidly after ionized water is poured onto the bag is added and the fragrance of the tea can be smelled.

[flv:http://www.energiseforlife.com/alkaline-water-videos/microcluster-alkaline-ionized-water.flv 480 360]

Because alkaline ionized water has smaller water clusters, the tea molecules dissipate quickly. The water molecules quickly penetrate the tea bag, the same way they would your cells, hydrating your body more efficiently.

When you first start drinking ionized water is it an incredible feeling as parts of your body that have been dehydrated for so long are now being reached and saturated in antioxidant-rich, alkaline water.

The Scientific Explanation

structure of alkaline ionized water

Starting at the start, a water molecule, expressed in the chemical symbol H20, consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Standing alone, the hydrogen atom contains one positive proton at its core, with one negative electron revolving around it in a three dimensional shell. Oxygen, on the other hand, contains eight protons in its nucleus with eight electrons revolving around it.

The single hydrogen electron and the eight electrons of oxygen are the key to the chemistry of life, because this is where hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to form a water molecule, or split to form ions.

Hydrogen tends to ionize by losing its single electron and form single H+ ions, which are simply isolated protons since the hydrogen atom contains no neutrons. A hydrogen bond occurs when the electron of a single hydrogen atom is shared with another electronegative atom such as oxygen that lacks an electron.

So, What is Microclustered Water?

Water molecules come in clusters rather than single molecules. Tap water has very large clusters (10 to 13 molecules per cluster), whereas ionized water uses electrolysis to reduce large tap water clusters from their original size into microclusters (5 to 6 molecules per cluster). The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability and is potentially up to six times more hydrating than normal tap water.

How Does The Electrolysis Occur?

The water enters the ionizer and passes into a chamber equipped with a platinum-coated titanium electrode. This is where the electrolysis takes place.

Cations, positive ions, gather at the negative electrodes creating cathodic or reduced water. Anions, negatively charged ions, gather at the positive electrode to make anodic or oxidized water.

By this electrolysis process the reduced water not only gains an excess amount of electrons (e-), but the H2O clusters are reduced in size from about 10 to 13 molecules per cluster to 5 to 6 molecules per cluster.

So when you ionize water, you change it’s molecular structure. The hexagonal molecular structure resulting from electrolysis is what makes water more hydrating than tap or bottled water.

These smaller “hexagons” of water molecules are half as large as the water molecule chains that come out of your regular tap (approximately 12 molecule clusters). Microclustering will help minerals and other alkalizing supplements absorb quickly and more efficiently.

So there you have it!

Ionized, microclustered water is more hydrating than tap water! Please ask below if you have any questions – I am more than happy to answer them.

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  1. jody Reply

    I had a few gulps of my first bottle of +essentia ionized hydration water and I feel jittery almost anxious not sure if i will finish the bottle what would cause this

    • ross Reply

      If the pH is too high it can cause this as the liver/kidneys have a hard time processing it. Start by watering it down with regular filtered water and then build up slowly to the desired pH. Never needs to be above pH 9.5. I can’t speak directly as I don’t have personal experience of the essentia brand.

  2. Femi Odei Reply

    Hello sir,my name is Femi Odei A regular reader of your article on ionized alkaline water.sir, I have over a period of time wish to go into water business and my intentions was to give the best as far as water consumption is concerned.after going through series of your articles,I found them interesting and they equally shared my passion for having an antioxidant-rich ionized alkaline water company in my country.So, in view of this,I am using this medium to request for an a personal discussion with you if u don’t mind my inquisitiveness sir. waiting to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  3. Ivona Reply

    Does that mean the the pollutants and other harmful particles in the water get easier access into our cells?

  4. Becky Reply

    Dear Ross, according to the work of the late scientist maseru emoto, who was able to photograph water crystals and the effects on water from energy and frequencies around it, one can draw a conclusion that your theoretical application of molecular water clusters is both true and false. However, the true part is no very logical. Water is by nature, something in flux and it meets the needs of life by specifically catering to those energies of the life it responds to and external energy and physical influences. Smaller molecules of water will indeed dissipate faster into a tea bag, but specific to ionised water that achieves this is the quality of the hydrogen bonds and the numbers of electrons and protons present, that makes it “softer”, whereby it is able to break down the the pigments and tannins etc…. which is a more logical and probable reason. Since water was able to be contained and transported around and treated, women have known that “soft rain water” was better for their hair and skins. This water simply had more oxygen in it, a higher alkalinity, and some ozone, which disrupts the numbers of negative and positive ions attaching to the molecules – it does not necessarily make the water clusters larger or smaller or become larger or smaller in differential time lapses. That being said, “hydration” would not be dependant on the size of water clusters but rather the ability of the water to react to the surface of the cells it contacts. Your cells have their own electrical energy arrangements whereby the positive and negative ions are arranged to form a cohesive barrier to germs and dirt and so forth. Water molecules with such changeable nature will instantly adapt in a reactionary way and change into molecular sizes that the cell walls will allow through. I don’t believe that your theory of water permeability is believable, even if you were able to control for even a short amount of time, the size of molecular water clusters. What may influence this would be various additions to water – like ozone ( which evaporates after about 20 mins anyway) or electrolytic mixes or minerals like calcium, magnesium and silica or even perhaps selenium. I am no scientific mind but it seems pretty obvious that the microclusters of oxygen and hydrogen bonds are largely dependent on what they have to work with and under which circumstances they find themselves. Either way, the reactionary nature of chemistry must dictate that it is constantly changing. If you claim that it is possible to halt this wonderful quality of hydrogen and oxygen, I really want to know how it is achieved and what proof you have that it is “stable”. Anyway, if that is indeed possible, would this not be a disadvantage to your cells which would want to exert their own change on the molecular cluster in order to use the oxygen and hydrogen in its cellular process? Would a forced size perhaps not be the most artificial thing you could ever introduce into a being that needs water ad a variable to be both diluent and catalyst as well as conductive and grounding? I believe that God started all life in and around water precisely because of it changeable nature. We use it in whatever form we get it. The only difference between one water and the next is how much pollutants it contains or what the levels of minerals and other trace elements are. These are the things that can or cannot be broken down into usable parts within any cell.

  5. Rajesh Reply

    Will vortex help water in microclustering.
    Will microclustering help descaling of the piping system
    Will microclustering help in ORP.
    AND finally
    How do we test all this to prove it to the end user.
    We are a startup in India working on vortex and are looking for expert guidance and consultation to devolop a simple product.

  6. Randy Reply

    I’ve read a lot of material written by chemists that say all of the micro clustered water claims are bunk. They acknowledge that water forms in clusters but the clusters reorder themselves thousands of times per second. They say no matter how water is restructured it will go back to its original structure before you have time to drink it.

    Is there any peer reviewed science, not industry studies or anecdotal stories, but pure scientific study regarding the claims that ionized water is more hydrating?

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  10. Rheter Reply

    To give up coffee switch to DECAF temporarily till addiction and craving passes, then switch to pure water.

    • Becky Reply

      Decaf is pure poison. Coffee is safer! Get a handle on this addiction by slow substitution. Chicory may help, or some less caffinated teas.

  11. andrew spence Reply

    so you genuinely believe there are different types of water, one with magical hydrating properties ? amazing, I never realised my education was so lacking, but it will be great for my tea bags. I just read another website that said that the acid in my body was the devil at work. So i have learned two new things this morning. Well everyday I discover new things. thanks for the education.

  12. B Parker Reply

    Can you show where there is scientific proof to back up the theory of microclustered water? The only people who make this claim seem to be those who sell water ionizers. Water is not solid unless its frozen, and the fluid relationship between the internal connections are rearranging continuously.

  13. B Parker Reply

    What is the difference between the alkalising effect of drinking lemon water (which has a pH of around 4.5) and the alkalising effect of drinking pure distilled water (which starts off neutral but absorbs carbon dioxide so it ends up with a pH of around 5.5 to 6)?

    • Becky Reply

      From what I know – distilled water basically sucks everything out of the fluids in your body – good and bad. This is not a healthy thing to do as it may cause deficiencies. Drinking lemon water – which is acidic, has an alkalising effect on your body because of the digestive process – the body will always seek to create balance and ease within itself. It uses things like calcium and vitamin c to flush out toxins and neutralise acids in excess – which is why lemon is good. It GIVES something to the body that is useful. Alkaline water does not make the body alkaline. The body uses it to make itself whatever it needs. Water is the basic fluid in molecular constituents that any living thing can use to mix with whatever it needs to feed itself and replenish the building blocks of whatever it is. We need lots of amino acids and such – water “holds” this in a way we can use. Drinking lemon water is one way of introducing plant sterols and vitamins and citric acids (vit c) we need to survive and function. I don’t think that distilled or stripped water can give one anything. One needs to eat whole foods with a high water content to get the kind of water/nutrient dense fluid your cells need. Drinking extra water should be to fulfil thirst when it’s hot and if you are exercising or have eaten food with not enough fluid in it (bread, concentrated mixes like peanut butter or jam, or sugar saturated drinks like juice or soda) plants make minerals and vitamins and other things biologically available for us inside their cells filled with … Water!

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