Alkaline Recipe #52 Delicious Refresher Juice!

Article by ross

Refresher JuiceTried to think of a better name for this one, but thought…nah…why not – it does exactly what it says on the tin!

This juice combines the alkalising, detoxifying, antioxidant rich goodness of the sharp grapefruit and the delicious, sweeter carrot, the subtle refreshing celery and the zing of the ginger. It is one of my best combinations yet!

The Delicious Refresher Juice

Serves 2


2 Grapefruits
2 Celery Stalks
1 Carrot
1 Inch of Ginger
250ml Alkaline Water (or dilute to taste)


Thoroughly wash all of the ingredients and peel the grapefruit and ginger. Put the lot through a juicer and serve (on ice?!)


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Update: I just got asked on another post ‘I thought you weren’t supposed to mix fruits with other foods’. A very valid question. Here is my answer:

This recipe is fine for a couple of reasons, but that’s a very good question.

The reason not to eat fruit right after other food is because it sits on top of the other food in the digestive system and the sugar starts instantly fermenting as it can’t be digested and go anywhere (your other food is blocking it). With this juice:

1) there is almost no sugar in grapefruit
2) all of the difficult to digest fibre has been taken out by juicing
3) juices are digested extremely quickly

As long as you don’t have this juice on a full stomach you’ll be fine!

Good luck with the alkalising! Here is a quick plug for you – check out our Alkaline Diet Course – it is perfect for people just starting out!


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  6. mary durell Reply

    Seriously Ross, this is the best blog regarding the alkaline diet. Thank you thank you for making this diet a pleasure to stay on thru all your research recipes and simplicity. I really enjoy reading it.
    Question, I have a hard time keeping weight on on this diet. I’m a diabetic but not typical, I weigh 125 pounds at 5’7″ I eat a lot of avocados, etc but I’m trying to avoid drinking cups of oil to keep my weight up 🙂 Any suggestions? Thanks again for all your help. Mary

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