5 Brilliant Tips to Stay Alkaline & Stay on Track!


Ross Green DrinkWhen you’re living alkaline, or ANY healthy lifestyle – motivation and your frame of mind are the most important things to manage.

As I mentioned in my last post, momentum and mindset are critical to make sure you make the right choice at 80% of your daily decision points. When you’re hungry mid morning and someone offers you the cookie jar – what do you do? When you get home from work and your partner suggests pizza – what do you do? When you’re late for work in the morning and thinking about grabbing toast on the run rather than something fresh and healthy – what do you do?

But perhaps even MORE dangerously – when you’re tired, stressed, busy, had a bad day and want to give up on this healthy lifestyle – how do you keep that momentum and motivation going.

– How do you get through these times?

Being able to stay at least moderately on track during your weakest times and least motivated times is the key to success or failure.

And in this new guide I am going to teach you my Five Simple Tips to Make (an Alkaline) Life Easy!

These tips will see you through the tough times and make the good times even easier! I hope you like them and I hope you use them!


alkaline saladIn my Beginners Guide to the Alkaline Diet (click the link to sign up) I outlined five core things to start doing right away to get your alkalinity off to a rapid and impressive start, and one of those was to eat a side salad with every meal.

This is such a great tip because it will, regardless of what else you do, take your green leafy vegetable intake from 0 to 5 (at least) right away.

The downside is, you risk getting fed up of eating so many salads all the time OR if you try to vary the salads too much they could end up taking too long to prepare.

So here is the solution – delicious dressings.  I think that a dressing makes the salad.  You can have a salad of JUST leaves and if the dressing rocks, the salad will go down a treat.

What I want you to do is always have at least 3 dressings you love, preprepared.  There are lots of dressings on the blog & I want you to make three of them, and bottle them up and put them in the fridge.

Alongside the recipes you have, you can also simply make flavoured olive oil by bottling up some good quality olive oil with any of the following: basil, rosemary, garlic, chilli or thyme.

Get creative – it will be well worth it!

Here are a few dressings to get you started:

Minty Dressing
Omega Dressing


alkaline sauceThis is similar to the first tip, but it involves making a few different alkaline, raw sauces you can dress your veggies with – So when you’re pushed for time or ingredients you can simply steam or grill a big pile of vegetables and make it delicious with the sauces!  Again the recipe book contains a few of these, so when you make one, make at least 6-8 serves and keep the remainder refrigerated, or even freeze a giant batch in an ice cube tray.  This allows you then to defrost them one serve at a time!

Imagine grilled Mediterranean vegetables topped with a red pepper and tomato sauce, served with a little couscous and coriander.  YUM!


alkaline herbal teaHydration is SO important but can take a little getting used to!  If you’ve been dehydrated for a long time (as the vast majority of people have) then it can take a while to even form the habit of drinking enough.

To begin with people so often WANT to get hydrated but end up at 9 o clock at  night kicking themselves because they simply FORGOT to drink enough!  

OR they just get bored of plain old water.  In both cases, herbal teas are your friend!  Here are my best, alkaline herbal teas and just think – having just 5 cups of tea per day would give you around 1.5-1.7 litres of alkaline hydration!   

So if you start the day with 500ml, remember to have 500ml after lunch and dinner and again in the evening, when you add that to your cups of tea you’ve already hit 3 litres – which is a great start!

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Banner


This is a great one for busy people (everyone nowadays, right) and those who lunch out-of-the-home.  Just simply make 2x more for dinner 2-3 times per week and freeze the leftovers for lunches or snacks.  

In fact, it is actually often more useful for the snacks.  If I get peckish during a busy day it’s great to go back to my leftovers supply and have an instant, alkaline snack.  And of course, even better if served with a deliciously dressed side salad too!


This is a big one, especially on a weight loss journey, and it would be so easy to get this wrong and think it’s the best thing to do.

Never – ever – ever go hungry.  If you are hungry, eat.  

When you’re hungry you will start putting your body into that starvation mode, slow down your metabolism and make weight loss so much more difficult. It also makes your body go into an acidic state to go hungry as your body has to begin sourcing nutrients from within.

Use the tips above to make sure you’ve always got snacks available and if you’re ever desperate, you’d be surprised how filling a handful of nuts and seeds actually is – don’t forget those little nutritional wonders!

When you’re on the alkaline path, you can always eat until you’re satisfied – you don’t have to fear overeating alkaline foods!

So below this article you can leave me your comments and if you have any questions – just ask away!

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  1. Nina Hitchcock Reply

    Hi Ross, I watched your webenar at 4 pm yesterday. But needed to watch it on you tube as it would not open through my email. Probably because it is private. Will you send the trading guide as I didn’t receive it.

    Thank you.

  2. emmanuel Reply

    Hi Ross and Callum,

    I’ve just read the water guide for staying alkaline and I get a few questions:

    1/ is taking a shower / bath with alkaline water good for health?

    2/ in the chart at a glance comparison you’ve written that the ionizer removes virtually all impurities.

    Can you supply us with more info and full independent water analysis before ionization and after ionization please?

    I’m particularly interested about what happens to heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine.

    3/ how long the ionized water remains at the pH produced by the ionizer you recommend?

    4/ what kind of materials for bottling the water is best?

    You talk about the one to avoid but not the ones to use.

    You don’t talk about using glass water bottles, are they the best possible and why?

    And what happens if I use an aluminium made container or a thermo?

    Thanks a lot for all those info.

  3. arlene gerein Reply

    Hi Ross, Finding your e-mails very encouraging thank you! I was listening to one of your talks about soy sauce and drinking kombucha which just this week went and bought the glass jar to make it in. After hearing you now I won’t be making it. Which e-mail did you talk about these things? I can’t seem to find it again. Need to hear this again because I have been using Bragg seasoning and tamari. Thanks so much for your help. Arlene

  4. Kendra Reply

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. As a busy mom, it’s always helpful to have ideas that simplify my life! I do find it useful to make double batches with lots of left overs. Thanks for the reminder and other great ideas.
    p.s. Do you know of any other non-perishable snacks that are alkaline, besides nuts/seeds? And, if I remember correctly, only some nuts are alkaline? Is this right?

  5. Anna Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Do you have a recipe for a red pepper and tomato sauce mentioned above, it’s not in the Recipe book?

  6. Janet Reaves Reply

    Your articles on alkalinity have been successfully passed on by myself to other cancer survivors with positive results. The chemotherapy has proved to be an especially long lasting toxic condition that responds well to your philosophy & practices. Keep it up, this is more than “feeling better”.

  7. Starr Reply

    Hi Ross, I wanted to share a creamy salad dressing I’ve been making. It consists of avocado, olive oil, lemon juice (not too much to overpower the avocado), a little almond milk to thin it down a bit, and whatever spices I’m in the mood for.

  8. Janette Reply

    Hi Ross, Thanks for all the encouraging information, I enjoy and try to practice it as much as the purse will allow. I had just been in the garden and wondered how else to use the Rosemary apart from adding it to the rare roast lamb. Now Ii can consume more of it in tea. May The Lord Jesus Bless you. Janette.

  9. Tara Reply

    Thanks! Needed to read this RIGHT NOW. Sitting here with hunger gnawing a hole in my stomache but don’t want anything in the fridge and there is nothing alkaline I can just GRAB without preparation.

  10. Jartrud Reply

    I just wanted to say thank you for a very inspiring and nice article with simple and easy-to-follow tricks! By the way, I have a norwegian blog about alkaline food 🙂

  11. Chris S Reply

    I wanted to sign up for the “Beginner’s guide to the Alkaline Diet” guide? I could not find a link. Thanks.

  12. andrea Reply

    Thanks for all the great info , i was wondering is organic green tea classified as one of your good teas, and if not what teas do you suggest
    Thanks Andrea

  13. mala Reply

    Hi Ross
    what are the alkaline teas

  14. Shirley Reply

    Thanks for the post Ross. You stated “here are my best alkaline herbal teas” but there are none listed. Did I miss something? Would love to know what teas you consider alkaline. Shirley

    • Sinead Daffy Reply

      The same applies to “minty dressing “and omega dressing- these receipes are not available, it’s frustrating !
      Sinead Daffy

      • Ross Reply

        Hi guys

        Links are now sorted. THanks for your patience!


  15. Dee Reply

    Ross, your doing a great job sharing the alkaline diet! I am always energized by reading your articles and tips.

  16. mohamed tajammul ali Reply

    thanks to having sent ur E-mail which is very usefull & informative. kindly enlighten us about some simple cardio exercises for aged persons.expecting more health informations.Thank you.

  17. Naomi Judge Reply

    Love your work Ross! And I love living Alkaline. I’m an aussie living in Panama, so that’s how far your good information goes. Big hug from Naomi in Panama 🙂

  18. marilyn anderson Reply

    HI Ross I find living with an Alkaline lifestyle is not so hard on a daily basis. I drink the Alkaline H2o ALWAYS….and the rest is about making the right choices. The only problem I have run across is when one is traveling it is very hard to keep to it. Although I will still maintain mostly Alkaline foods buy purchasing what I need in the grocery store….it is eating out that is very hard to control the intake, without changing the whole restaurant menu (and the staff does not like that)….But I love living Alkaline and will continue to do so…….Marilyn

  19. tara Reply

    Hi Ross,
    First, I love your inspirational emails & I have learned alot about Alkaline Living because of you & I am on that path, slowly trying to change course. My question is about my Mother. She is 63, had Ovarian Cancer in 2008, 9 months of Chemo & Surgery, then was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2012, had Brain surgery to remove 3 tumors & then had Radiation & then a higher dose of Radiation via Gamma Knife. She is now in Remission, she is off all chemo & radiation & medication.
    What would be your advice about getting her system Alkalined?
    She doesn’t have a big appetite & is not keen on foods being sweet. She has a large amount of Candida due to all the Medications & we know from research that Candida feeds Cancer, so we want to get her system Alkalined & kill the Candida, ASAP!

    Thank You sooo much for your information,
    The Bible says: “MY people perish, for lack of knowledge”…& I am thankful for your knowledge, you are literally saving peoples life.

    Much Love & Respect!

    • Dixie Lee Berryhill Reply

      There is a fabulous supplement she should use. An author, Robert G Wright, lost both parents to cancer, researched cancer for 25 years around the world, and says that out of all the supplements he dug into, Reliv is the best in the world. I know lots of people that had cancer and turned their health around. [email protected]

  20. Nicky Reply

    Hi, am loving all these tips. I´m now just over a week into my new alkaline diet and am feeling fantastic. Huge improvement on bloating and stomach pains (completely gone) and hoping to see improvements on back pains (arthritis) and some weight loss too. Early days but I´m positive. Thank you for all your advice and a great website.

  21. Ivan Reply

    I agree with Dominique. She is probably the fourth person I know about that does not get answers from you, albeit via e-mail.

    I am sure you are very busy (then again who isn’t) but you should never refrain from answering ALL your possible clients / followers, no matter what.

  22. grace Reply

    Pls can you tell me which are alkaline herbal teas? At moment I cant fix to alkaline diet and am so depsessed. I was doiung well and in great health following alkaline diet but am at a loss. Can yoiu helpm pls? thanks .

    • cappi Reply

      all herbal (made from herbs,its flowers, roots, stems etc) teas are alkaline, sqeeze a lime in it and you are set

  23. Jen Reply

    wonderful tips and advice….thank you

  24. Ron Reply

    Are soy based vegetable protein alkaline or acidic??

  25. Laura Reply

    I loved the 7 most alkaline foods posting. Since reading I have made sure that I have all 7 incorporated into my diet daily. – Yay – My issue is water I rent and do not want to put a “system” into a house I dont’t own. Any suggestions.

  26. ruth Reply

    hi …what do think about fasting ?

    • Ross Reply

      I don’t agree with it. I believe that to repair the body you should feed it the tools it needs, not starve it. A cleanse of alkaline juices, soups and smoothies with lots of hydration is far better and more effective.


      • cappi Reply

        An apple fast will help you get rid of blah stuff, a visual experience with your bowels: for 3 days, everything apple: juice, sauce,grated,whole,cooked. ONLY APPLE! dILUTE JUICE with alkaline water, drink lots and ONLY ORGANIC apples, juice, sauce.
        then on the 3rd day before going to bed drink one fourth of a cup of organic olive oil , the cold press good stuff. take your time with that one, go slow. that’s it. slowly nurture your body back to food, keep it light and lean for the first day after fast. smile.

  27. Chrissie Reply

    Hey Ross, how about moving that annoying “like” box from the article we are trying to read. Better still, get rid of it all together, but I’d settle for it being moved, then I could comfortably ignore it and enjoy reading the articles, which invariably, are helpful. Not all of us fall for this f***book or twatter nonsense. So… please move it. Thanks.

    • Lisa Reply

      Hi Ross – I’m just a beginner at all this – but it’s really interesting, thanks for you help!
      @ Chrissie: if you have room on you monitor widen your browser. If that isn’t possible, at the bottom of most browsers you have the possibility to re-size the text; choose a smaller text. If your browser doesn’t have that feature then with the ‘ctrl’ button pressed move the wheel on your mouse. Another possibility to decrease the size of the text is by using the drop down navigation ‘view’ and then use the ‘zoom’ option. Hope that helps!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Chrissie

      If you click View > Zoom Out it will move from over the text.


  28. Jim Tuffin Reply

    Thanks Ross,
    As usual the advice you give is excellent and I know that maintaining a alkali diet is hard – but as I was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months ago – that in itself is a real driver.

    My pH this morning was 7.5 – so I know I am doing the right thing, but as you say, sometimes it is hard to keep on the right track.



    • Agnes Reply

      Jim, check out Dr. Robert’s Young’s website for disease reversing information: http://www.phmiracleliving.com/
      His book : THe PH Miracle will help you even more!

  29. Kon Reply

    hi Ross,

    am reading your tips and am thinking about the fifth tip, “never stay hungry”
    well, am trying to eat alkaline and i feel good but also i do Dr.Bragg`s idea of 1 day or 36 hours per week fasting. no food whatsoever , only water and i feel good about it too.
    also i am new into healthy eating and would like to learn more so what do you think about Dr.Bragg`s idea and i bet you have red his book the miracle of fasting.

    thanks and regards, Kon

  30. Catherine Reply

    Do you believe in any of the benefits of intermittent fasting?
    Thanks, Catherine. Great blog too

  31. Brendon Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Another good article, well done. Here’s a question (and a few others trailing on behind) – what’s a good snack for nighttime? Would a green drink do? Or would something with a bit more oils be better?

    Regards, Brendon

  32. Dominique Reply

    Hi Ross , my name is Dominique and I am a big fan of your alkaline diet ! I have bought your cooking book ! Fantastic ! The problem I have is that you do not reply to any of my questions that I have asked you in the past ! Have sent a few emails with no reply ! I a while back I did a survey about weight loss and answered all questions ,still no reply ! I am starting to loose interest ! I do hope that that you will reply ! Thank you, sincerely Dominique

  33. lisa Reply


    Thanky uo for all the amazing advice . I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but there is a box on the left hand side of the screen for facebook likes, tweet likes and ‘g’. The box takes over part of the screen so i can’t read your articles properly. There is no little cross at the top and even when i press’like’ it still doesn’t go away. Any ideas what to do? Thank you.

    PS Is green tea alkaline/ i have got conflicting information about it.

    Thank you! Lisa 🙂

  34. john Reply

    how do i make alkaline water

  35. Marie-Ange Gautier Reply

    Fantastic article Ross! Great tips which I’ll implement tonight! Love the dressing and sauces ideas :-)Thanks!!!