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As you may, or may not know – Dr Young is an incredibly prolific researcher and writer and each week he posts a number of blogs about alkalising, new research, feedback, answers questions etc. It’s an awesome read and a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the most up-to-date health, wellness and alkaline lifestyle news!

I estimate that 30% of the questions I am asked each week via email are as a result of the blogs Dr Young makes and the points he raises, so each week I aim to summarise and comment on his output and give my opinions!

  • Do you know what acidic chemicals you may be putting on your skin or hair?: In this blog post, Dr Young points out the hidden acids/dangers in skincare and beauty products. I blogged about chemical and natural products on New Years Eve so my thoughts on it are pretty obvious – steer clear of chemical products! Although a little more expensive (but not always) natural products for your home, skin, hair etc. are worth every penny. Both Dr Young and myself point out parabens as the big one to avoid, and I’ll quote his post to highlight: “In a recent Canadian study, 19 out of 20 breast tumors examined had high amounts of parabens in them” – crazy.
  • Acid Reflux – The REAL Cause: His 2nd post last week was an email letter regarding acid reflux. I’ll post highlight of it here because it is both brilliant and funny:

    Hey Bro – Part of the reason you are having “heart pangs” and stress tests is because of your Mammy and Pappy’s diet and menu which were served up in lots of home cooking, church dinners, school lunches, holiday feasts, and cottage cook-outs across a number of little towns in Wisconsin.

    You see, you and your clueless allopathic doctor (who still believes in the germ theory) did not address the cause of your GERD/acid reflux problem several years back. He/she just helped you mask the symptoms for several years with a “miracle drug” and allowed you to go on with dangerously delicious ball park fare.But his/her goofy medical school treatment of you….. funded by drug companies…. has caused you to now move on to another level…. thanks to ignoring the first earlier warnings.

    The same problem that causes GERD also causes heart problems and every other health illness known to man.

    So then, in addition to continuing with the SAME diet that caused the GERD, your doctor got you started working on a second problem with the same old crappy diet.
    Meanwhile, you began taking a HIGHLY ACIDIC pharmaceutical drug for “GERD” ……a purple pill as I recall……which in large part FURTHER caused the second problem….the flippy floppy heart action.

    So now, for your everyday enjoyment…..you have:

    a) the same crappy diet…..:-)

    b) two different serious problems,

    c) two or more acidic poisonous drugs (gut & heart) designed to mask and hide everything from your awareness…..and

    d) no awareness or focus on the cause.

    Truth is, the doc doesn’t even want you to think about it any more than they think about it. It’s been 20 years for them since medical school, and they just want you to keep coming back for checkups and more prescriptions…and don’t ask too many questions.

    There is no disease called GERD, or Acid Reflux, or Tachycardia, or heart disease, or cardiovascular disease.

    There is no disease called diabetes, arthritis, stroke, obesity, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s….and on and on. Those are all symptoms…..just a few of thousands in the doctor’s diagnostic manual…..to match up with tens of thousands of drugs….:-)

    Did you ever wonder who made up the name “restless leg syndrome?” A pharmaceutical company….and now there are four or five drugs for that!

    Hey little Bro, there is only one disease and it is called “acidosis.” There is only one cure….and I’m pretty sure you can read about it in the Bible, the Koran, the Upanishads, the Vedas, the Talmud….and all the other Sacred Scriptures handed down throughout the ages. It’s called eating from God’s Green earth. VEGETABLES!!!!

    P.S. I think I’ll send this to your pretty wife so she can rag on you when I’m not available….:-) And maybe your sisters too. They all eat like crap, don’t they? We were all raised in Wisconsin with cheap milk, ice cream, beef, bacon, butter, corn, bratwurst, beer, and cheese. It’s amazing anyone is alive in Wisconsin…:-)

    Genius – I cut out a heap of it so click here for the full article.

    My thoughts are that this, in its own way, is bang on. A little crude, and the author makes a few points that I believe in but often stay away from – but yep, it is bang on. When will someone with some influence stand up to the pharma’s and government and push the fact that WE ALL KNOW THAT PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN JUST MASKING SYMPTOMS (and causing other symptoms in the process).

  • The Greatest pH Miracle Secret of Health: Gives a great overview of Dr Young’s theory on health and disease. He posts that:

    The survival of every animal, bird, fish, plant, and cell, whether it is bacteria, yeast, or protozoa, depends entirely upon its environment. Dis-ease is never acquired; it is always created. Dis-ease is a natural result obtained from an unnatural lifestyle. The entry of an outside entity (bacteria, yeast, parasite) has little effect upon our bodies – unless our internal environment has become acidic, polluted, and congested. Germs do not cause dis-ease – germs are the evidence of an internal polluted environment.

    The most important point to understand here is that germs do not cause dis-ease; they are the product of cellular transformation. It is acid that breaks down the human cell not bacteria. It is acid that causes dis-ease, not bacteria or yeast. There is only one sickness, one dis-ease and one cause – the over-acidification of the blood, then the tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking. There is NO OTHER CAUSE FOR DISEASE but ACIDITY.

    This may sound strange at first, but when you dig deeper and really understand this, it just makes so much sense. When we constantly overexpose our body to acids (bad fats, sugars, meat, dairy, alcohol, tobacco, refined foods, fizzy drinks etc) our body becomes so compromised that it cannot defend itself – and in this environment disease can prosper. If we constantly give our body nutrient dense, fresh, alkaline foods then we give disease and illness no chance to get a foothold. As Dr Young puts it: ‘As long as this filth remains within, our bodies grow weaker, and we become more and more prone towards (nutritional) deficiencies and acidic dis-ease.’

  • Folic Acid May Cause Bowel Cancer: Dr Young reports upon a recent study published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology which highlights that the rate of a cancerous colorectal condition in Chile may have increased since that country began fortifying wheat flour with the acid folic acid. Click here for more.

There are a few other testimonials posted this week, but I guessed you wouldn’t need a synopsis of those!

I’d love to think that some of the discussion and comment I get by email is continued into the comments on this blog, so if you have any thoughts on the above then do let me know below!

Have a great week

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