Interview with Robert Young (pH Miracle)


This week I’m very proud to bring you my 1 hour video interview with the pioneer of the alkaline diet and author of the pH Miracle, Robert Young!

Robert Young is a leading authority on the alkaline approach to health, having dedicated 32 years of his life to researching and furthering the scientific development of the importance of blood and cell pH to human health.

Over the past two and a half decades, Robert O. Young has been widely recognised as one of the top research scientists in the world. The author of seven books including the international bestseller The pH Miracle.

We did this interview literally three hours after he had stepped off the plane after his 15 hour flight from LAX, so I am extremely grateful to him for agreeing to do it! The interview was the day before our hugely successful Robert Young Live weekend and I have to say, it was a pleasure to spend the weekend with him.

During the interview we talked about the basics of alkalising, exercise, the protein myth, where to start, his alkaline C.O.W.S programme, green drinks, alkaline water & pH drops, the importance of emotions and much more. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, it is well worth watching!

Anyway, here is the interview! Enjoy…

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  3. Karen Reply

    Also i tried to sign up for the FREE acid & alkaline food charts!!
    And it said i have already received them nut i have NOT been sent the documents?? Are you able to send them directly to me email??
    Thanks a lot!
    Karen : )

    • Ross Reply

      I am so sorry about that. The site has been down temporarily if you can please try it again after some time. If there is still no download send an email at [email protected].

      Thank you

  4. Karen Reply

    Sorry to ask such a dumb question….
    Please could you clarify what am i supposed to fill in above where it says “website”??? I sent in 2 questions in the email with the new video & it asked for the same thing??

    Thanks Karen

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