The Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified

alkaline diet simplified
Article by ross

This is the acid alkaline diet simplified – to make it super easy for you to use, and get started – without the hype, confusion, conflicting information and stress.

If you have ever wondered what the Acid Alkaline Diet is and how it works…

But you struggled to find real, straightforward answers?

This is for you.

Have you ever wondered how the alkaline diet could be applied in your life but couldn’t get to grips with what it actually involves?

This article will change that and give you, in five minutes or less, an exact understanding of what the Alkaline Diet really is.

I’ve been living and breathing (and working in) the Acid Alkaline Diet for over ten years now. I’ve written several courses, two books and helped over 200,000 people get alkaline.

It is my passion and I feel that I have got a lot to offer when it comes to practically applying this diet and lifestyle, making it easy and making it enjoyable.

There are people out there with lots more letters after their name – but if I’m being honest, I don’t know if there is anyone more experienced in making this diet real in people’s lives. I’ve done it over and over again and this explanation is the result of my ten years experience, learning, writing/blogging and connecting with people.

Plus: I’ve lived alkaline myself – for a long time…

I’ve also fallen off the wagon myself and I’ve gotten right back on. I’ve learned lessons the hard way.

I’ve felt what it’s like to succeed and what it’s like to fail.

But most importantly I’ve connected with hundreds of thousands of people who are all transitioning or successfully living alkaline.

And to be frank, I’d have to be very, very unobservant to have not worked it out by now…!

The Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified

What is The Alkaline Diet

alkaline green juice

The alkaline diet is a very, very simple and straightforward approach to health, but is backed by extensive science, pioneered by the blood microscopist and biologist Robert Young.

Before I demonstrate just how simple it is, here is the explanation in scientific terms:

The Scientific Explanation of the Alkaline Diet

Our body is designed to be alkaline.

The pH of most of our important cellular and other fluids such as our blood is designed to be at a pH of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline.

In just the same way that our body will do whatever it takes to regulate our temperature to stay within a very tight range, it does the same for the pH of our fluids. And while our body does create acids naturally through our bodily functions, we have a small alkaline buffering system that naturally keeps us alkaline.

Your body HAS to keep the pH of your blood, cells and other fluids at just slightly alkaline (pH 7.365) and it will do ANYTHING it has to in order to maintain this pH balance.

To do this, your body calls upon its store of alkaline buffers, which it draws upon to neutralize the acids we ingest or create through bodily processes. This store of buffers is very easily depleted because most of us eat and drink such strong acids.

To put this in context, the pH scale is logarithmic – so pH 6 is 10x more acidic than pH 7, meaning pH 5 is 100x times more acidic than pH 7 and pH 4 is 1000x more acidic. Cola has a pH of between 2 and 3. So you can see how a diet filled with meats, dairy, fizzy drinks, alcohol etc would quickly deplete these buffers.

And when we deplete these buffers and still ingest more acids…what happens?

The body is forced into drawing upon the alkaline minerals it has to buffer which causes havoc in the body – for instance, if the body is constantly drawing calcium to neutralise the acids we consume then the symptoms of osteoporosis emerge (hence the numerous research articles linking cola consumption with osteoporosis).

However, as we have evolved and our diets and lifestyles have changed over the last century or so we have dramatically increased the amount of acidity in our lives.

Diet, stress, emotions and no exercise contribute, in their own ways to the increased acidity in our body.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerFocusing on the alkaline diet for the time being, it will be no surprise to you to learn that the most acidic foods are: sugar, trans-fats, yeasts, dairy, simple carbs, alcohol, refined foods etc. These acids manifest in our diets as colas & fizzy drinks, pizza, chips, cakes, biscuits, microwave meals, crisps, breads, caffeine, cheese, fatty meats, ice cream, smoking, beers, wines, condiments, milky drinks, cream etc.

All the foods you already know are not good for you.

I’m sure you can guess that the foods that are alkaline to the body are therefore…wait for it…fresh vegetables, salads, leafy greens, omega oils, nuts, seeds, pulses, whole grains.

These are fresh foods, raw foods, whole foods, foods with a high-water content and nutritional value.

It makes this diet pretty easy to understand and pretty easy to follow. I think most people, if given a list of foods could put them into the acid or alkaline group 8 times out of 10.

So what makes a food acid or alkaline? There are a few things, but the most important rules are:

  1. If a food is high in alkaline minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium or sodium it is likely to be alkaline to the body.
  2. BUT – regardless of its alkaline mineral content, if it contains any of the following then it will be acidifying:
    • sugar (article about sugar)
    • yeast
    • is fermented (like soy sauce)
    • contains fungi (like mushrooms)
    • is refined/microwaved/processed

So this explains the anomalies. Fruit for instance is generally, unfortunately, acidifying due to it’s high sugar content. Bananas for example are very high in potassium, but are around 25% sugar.

The only exceptions are tomatoes, avocados, lemons & limes (great for dressings and flavourings), grapefruit and watermelon (to some degree) which are alkaline because they are so low in sugar.

Sugar is such an issue because the blood deviates from this pH level of 7.365 then it causes major stress to the rest of the body. The body has to maintain this pH level and it will go to extreme measures and sacrifice everything else to make sure it stays there.

It compounds the longer it goes on.

Emotions, stress and a lack of exercise all contribute to this. Young has actually seen, in his analysis of live blood, that emotions can have twice as much of an effect on our blood and health as any food can, so these all play a part. Exercise is obviously essential because it pumps our blood and lymph around the body to remove wastes and helps to deliver oxygen to cells for necessary functioning.

So there you have it – that is the scientific, long version.

Here is the simple version of the Acid Alkaline Diet:

Our body is designed to stay alkaline and will do whatever it takes to do so. When we consume acidic foods and drinks, stop exercising and continually have negative emotions our body is overrun with acids and this causes major disruption.

Not surprisingly the acid foods are the ones you already know are bad for you (cola, chips, chocolate, sweets, burgers, dairy, beer etc) and the alkaline foods are the ones you already know are good for you (fresh foods, leafy green vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds etc) – click here for my quick-reference guide: the Seven Most Alkaline Foods.

To become alkaline you simply need to start focusing 70-80% of your diet on the alkaline foods and try to limit the acid foods. Back this up with 3-4 litres of good quality, clean, filtered water each day and you will be very pleasantly surprised by the way you feel.

So follow your mother’s advice and eat your greens!


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    Hey Ross
    I read your article it’s been very helpful Iam suffering from steriod induced rosacea on complete face it is emotionally very disturbing I would lyk to share with you my diet plan want you to suggest me the changes m having aloe +wheatgrass juice in morning and after that Apple
    In breakfast Iam having boiled chickpeas after that I am having spinach and tomato soup( do I need to remove this?) M mostly gluten ,diary,sugar free .drinking 4 litres daily and also a glass of coconut water. Iam badly in need of your suggestions coz my rosacea is getting worst these days

    • ross Reply

      Hey Dimple

      I wrote about this years ago here:

      Following an alkaline-based diet like I sugget will really help.

      I only offer specific dietary advice and coaching to my Alkaline Base Camp members, so can’t go deep into your specific dietary needs. Keep an eye out for when I next open up spaces in the Alkaline Base Camp (it’s closed right now (full) so look out for any emails about this).


  2. John Reply

    Hi Ross
    I just found your site and have been reading about your program. I have lost 36 pounds in the past 5 months by going on an acid free diet. However I am now trying to maintain my weight and having problems. I am interested in your program but very concerned I will continue to loose weight. as you have stated in your video’s by not preparing in advance you are setting yourself up for failure and that is a problem I am having.
    Thank you

  3. Lyndell Reply

    Hi Ross,
    This is my third attempt. I would like to know if I can use the NutriBullet or blender instead of the juicer to make the rejuvenating kidney juice.
    Would really appreciate some feedback.

    • ross Reply

      You can – but it would make it a smoothie, not a juice.

      See here:

    • Penny Lisowski Reply

      I used a vitamix and nut bag to make my juice yesterday. Worked great. Any problems with that! And I found I cant eat raw foods but the veggie juice, no problems so far. I had 3 cups of green juice yesterday.
      I got an awesome deal on a variety of greens. Since I shouldn’t freeze the juice, what is the best way to preserve them. I have freezer space and a dehydrator? Thanks for your time.

  4. Barbara from Jersey Reply

    Good Day Ross,
    Thank you for your knowledge at living healthier. I would like to know if ordering you books if they are ebooks for download.

    • ross Reply

      Hi there – they are digital, available for immediate download.


  5. Jordan Reply

    Lacto fermented sauerkraut is acidifying? I thought it was ful of amazing probiotics!?!?

  6. steve Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I’m really enjoying learning about the Alkaline diet and your recipes. The question that I have is, can your juice recipes be put through a blender? It’s just that I don’t have a juicer at the moment and was wondering if it was ok – what do you think ?

  7. Carlin Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I’m curious of how Calcium can neutralise H+ ions that cause acidity?
    Because I though the only way to get rid of them was to either excrete them (along with another anion to maintain electrochemical balance); or to produce OH- ions that would react with H+ to make water. I’ve never heard of Ca2+ reaction with H+ before.

    Also, why do foods with more of those metal cations like K, Ca, Na & Mg often produce a more alkali environment. I can see that if these elements were in metallic form they would react with water to produce OH- ions, however, they are not in metallic form so why do they have a correlation or influence on OH- ions (or lack of H+ ions)?

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Kimberly Reply

    Hi ~ Could you please share with me your thoughts as to why this eating style may work better for the body as opposed to the AIP? I’m looking at both but I’m not a huge meat eater and the AIP seems to recommend quite a bit, also it does not allow to GF grains or almonds. They seem to promise similar results but are so different… Many Thanks 🙂

  9. Nancy Reply

    1-Where does organic white distilled vinegar fit on the acid-base scale?
    2-Do canned and cooked fruits and vegetables become acidic when cooked?
    Thank you for all of this information!!

  10. Pauline Sellers Reply

    I am in recovery from bowel cancer and have recently had a growth in my lung identified.
    I read that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment – would you agree generallly with that statement? I believe I eat a healthy and organic diet. I wanted to ask about two particular things. Firstly decaffinated coffee. I have a bean to cup coffee machine machine and drink black decafinnated coffee (maybe two small espresso sized cups a day). Where does this fall acid or alkaline? Secondly I like English real ale and I know you mention alcohol (wine particularly which I don’t drink at all) but what about beer?
    I’m at the early stages of researching this but look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks – Pauline

  11. Malu Sampaio Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I am so happy to find your web page and to find the world on information. I’ve been struggling to adjust my eat habits for a healthier one.
    I saw on your page that there is a possibility to sign up for the complete package of your program (guides, recipes, accountability group, Q&A sessions, online access, etc.) but I doesnt seem to be available or I could no longer see in your web page.

    Could you please let me know if that program is still available?

    Thank you so much. Looking forward to be part of this community.


  12. Sónia Reply

    Hi, how are you?

    My name is Sonia, I recently was told that I have very high acid in my body, since then I have been doing my own research regarding what to eat and what not to eat…
    I am so confused with alkaline and low acid forming foods as in some what I can’t eat I can in alkaline… Very confusing eg milk and yogurt just a few to mention..
    Please can you help me lol
    Many thanks

  13. Gretchen MacBryde Reply

    I may be having a skin reaction to insect bites that is kept from healing by fungus? It is dreadful, and not healing well. Antibiotics, steroids, and anti-fungal cream have been the doctor’s response, but they haven’t been able to diagnosis it. I am very allergic ato honey bee stings, and ANY insect bites get a big reaction. But this has gone onfor months, and I wonder if fungus is keeping it from healing. ANy thoughts about how to diagnose,, or more importantly, how to heal the mess that now covers several areas of my poor body’s skil?? Thank you for anything you can suggest. I’ve already decided to try your alkaline program, in any case. I alaso have osteoporosis, and am recoveringfrom a fractured hip!!

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  18. Malena Reply

    Can you start this lifestyle change while nursing your baby?

  19. pauline Reply

    Hi Ross, My doctor told me not to give up milk or yogurt, because of the calcium, as it is the best source. Can you suggest an alternative that will fullfill my calcium needs, as I am 59 years old and do not want to get osteoporosis.

    Thank you,

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  23. Kaye White Reply

    Hi Ross
    you mention that grapefruit and watermelon are somewhat alkaline due to the low sugar levels in them however I’ve recently been told by a diabetic that they cant eat watermelon because of the amount of natural sugar in it as it therefore inceases their blood glucose levels. Hence I would have though it would be more acid rather than alkaline. Would you mind clarifying for me please.

    Also, as I like to bake I’ve been reseaching lots of other alkaline recipes and some call for things like apple cider vinegar, tamari and cacao powder. Can these be used on the alkaline diet?
    cheers, Kaye

  24. Teri Reply

    Im finding myself over the top with great information and dont and know where to begin– help

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  26. Kate Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I found you while hunting for info on acid/alkaline diets for my nutrition assignment but reading through this page i noticed a comment on colloidal silver. I have started selling this at my practice as it was reccomended to me by a freind, I have used it for a couple of years and love it, however i struggle to explain its origin and benefits to my clients.
    Could you please direct me to some informative information on this product.
    Kate 🙂

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  29. Andrea Fitzgerald Reply


    I compete in body fitness/figure body building so have a high intake of protien in the form of poultry,eggs and lean red meat. (no dairy/whey) the rest of my diet is very healthy and meets the alkaline diet range by default.
    My question is, is it possible to maintain muscle mass on a purely alkaline diet as I have read that meat/poultry and eggs all have a negative acidic effect on the body but are necessary protien sources for my sport.
    Many thanks

  30. Meagan oakley Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I am a Phys Ed teacher in Noosa and am currently teaching quite a few of my classes about this in their health lessons. I do my best to follow an alkaline diet and remain alkaline for the majority of the time except at report writing time when I’m usually stressed to the eyeballs! I have quite a bit of online info i show them and discuss but I’d love it if you could send me some hands on stuff for the kids to use/take home etc. I believe it’s very important and if I can instill this type of lifestyle in them now, I am hoping they will be much happier and healthier adults.

  31. Mel Reply

    Hi there, I am 27 and have had varicose veins for years now. I am vegan but my diet could use some improvement. I don’t think I get enough veges on a daily basis. I work full time and am strapped for time in cooking a great meal each night! I don’t know where to start and what would be good for my vein health. If there is anyone with some tips, your help would be much appreciated!

  32. Dawn Reply

    Hi Ross, I am trying hard to adopt a more alkaline way of eating and living. For the past month I have been drinking Dr Brocs green drink several times a day together with Udos oil. I have developed a swollen gland under my left arm. Do you think this is likely to be a detoxing effect. I am also using the Energise rebounder several times a week to help my body expel toxins.

  33. Amanda P Reply

    Hey Ross,

    I’ve been following your page for some time now (i think you are a legend!!) and although I eat very well I’m now applying the 80/20 rule and have purchased some key products on line to get me kick started in 2012 toward greater health & vitality…

    I have one question, actually two; I’m wondering what your thoughts / feedback is on eating principals around the ‘Eat Right For Your Blood Type’ in particular eating protein – I am a B+ which is meat & dairy eating….from experience I know that soy, chickpeas and other plant proteins do not agree with me which is in keeping with the B+ blood diet plan….what are your comments on this?

    Thanks & keep keeping ON! : )

  34. paul holmes Reply

    i rang your old number 01604491500 to purchase tony robbins pure energy greens with msm,but was told you had moved -what is your new number so i can contact you with my order,thanks.

  35. lina HUN Reply

    what is the pH of alkaline?

    • Ross Reply

      Anything over pH 7 is alkaline

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  37. donalyn Reply

    I paid for the course but still have not been given the link or password to get into it. Please email me at with the key as I would like to have access to the course I paid for. Thank you ahead of time for your cooperation.

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  40. rich Reply

    Could you please send me a breakdown of the diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner? Thank you

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  43. j foley Reply

    i have dodgy cells in my bladder lining but no inflamation and pain all the time. would you recommend this diet

  44. Kim Reply

    I have a question that is really bugging me… is the 70-80% alkaline foods based on volume or weight?

  45. Steve Reply


    as a weightlifter, i need lots of protein, around 200 grams per day….

    what is the best non-acidic complete proteins you can get, and I don’t eat soya…..

  46. manish Reply

    I will be glad if you could throw some light on a few points
    1. You are silent on the use of salt. Does salt with mixture of water make a alkaline and hence good for maintaining ph.
    2. If the use of dairy products is so harmful then how is that an infant lives perfectly well for a few years on a diet shich consists solely of milk?
    Thank You

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  48. Ross Reply

    Thanks ‘Colloidal Silver’!

    Good one for promoting the use of silver too. We love it here at energise and it is one of our biggest sellers!


  49. Colloidal Silver Reply

    Thanks for informing me more on this subject. I’ve been hearing a lot about this diet and the benefits that it can provide. After reading your article, I think I might just have to give it a try.

  50. Maja Reply


    One of my friends met you at a seminar in London and advised me to this page and it’s fantastic! I have been asked many times what I drink (supergreens) and why i always eat sallad and besides saying I do it because I feel great I have had problems to shorten down this whole information. Now I know exactly what I will say!

    Thank you and keep up the good work!!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Maja

      That is great news! Who was your friend?

      Keep going with the alkalising and let me know if there is anything I can do to support you!

  51. louise quadrelli Reply

    Please help me. For the last 8 years I have struggled with poor health after much research I came to the conclusion yeast was the culprit, 6 years ago I cut out all sugars( inc.fruit) alcohol, dairy, wheat, gluten, sunflower, corn the list goes on. I experienced a good improvement in health but could never vary from this diet, I also had to cut out beans pulses etc. I am now sufferin g from the chronic fatigue again, swollen face with dreadful facial eczema. I also have patches of eczema on my hands, I am too tired to help myself I am only 44yrs and feel I have had enough,I have been putting ph drops in my water, I don’t know what water to drink any more, I was drinking distilled water with ph drops. I feel my body is starving I am always hungry. I eat efa’s everyday and also e3 afa I spend around £200 a month on my health our family has no savings left and I am just feeling I have had enough of this life, please any advice would really help.

  52. jamie Reply

    i have a question that i hope you can help with. i’ve been using green dirnks for a while now and decided to get my mum on them too. she started taking them and within a few days she got cold like symptons, a runny nose and mucusy etc. i told her this is normal and good for you, but maybe she should reduce the amount. she asked the reaosn for why taking a green drink makes you mucusy and wanted to know the science behind it. However i could not answer, so please can you give me a detailed explanation of why green drinks make you cleanse out your system and produce mucus? also how long before you stop producing mucus??

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Jamie

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The symptoms your mum is experiencing are known as ‘detox symptoms’ and will last for as long as your mums body needs to get toxins out. Your body gets toxins out in a number of ways (sweat, urine etc) and through your nose is one of the primary ways. Your body does this by binding the toxins up in mucous and carrying them out. So the response is that as your mum is getting healthier, her body is being given the tools to start repairing itself.

      Hope this helps – let me know if you need to know more!

  53. Evajean Reply

    Thanks for your article. I stumbled upon this website a while ago after some friends returned from an Anthony Robbins seminar and started telling my husband and I about the alkaline way of living which led me to do some web reasearch and led me here.
    I have been reading and reading and I believe this alkaline way of eating and thinking is the direction health wise I want to go.
    I just wanted to say thank you for what you do, it is changing lives!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Evajean

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I also found this way of living from Tony Robbins back at UPW in, I think, 2003! It has changed everything for me!

      Keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions along the way!