Top 5 Tips To Start the Alkaline Diet NOW!

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Article by Gareth Edwards (BSc. DipION. mBANT)

“You’ve got to do this alkalising thing ……. It’s really great. It’ll transform your life, your energy, your thinking. My friend’s Dad has lost two stone in four months doing it” you hear.

Wow that sounds amazing, you think. But where do I sign up? How do I get started?

You might buy Energise’s outstanding Alkaline Diet Course. You might even pay for someone to look at your blood and tell you what to eat and what to avoid. You’re fired up with enthusiasm and then all of a sudden it hits you ……. Holy, only grass eating and still very strong and healthy, Cow – I’m not meant to have chocolate, coffee, beer, cola or a full English breakfast ever again.

Well that can be a bit daunting and might even lead you to do a quick bit of cost / benefit analysis! So maybe a slightly different way in to this weird grass drinking world might be more appealing.

Rather than ban certain drinks or foods from your diet, the house, your friends and family’s diets, I would recommend that you start to focus on how you can get more of the foods and drinks that are alkaline into your daily regime. In this way you should start to change the way you fuel your body, without having to have an arm wrestle with yourself every time you see a Cadbury’s flake or a bottle of wine.

So what are the five most important tips and how do you implement them?

1. Make more vegetarian choices
2. Eat & drink your greens
3. Eat more fresh and raw vegetables
4. Have more salt
5. Review breakfast

1. Making more vegetarian choices:

Pumpkin risotto, penne pasta, vegetable curry, (fresh) tomato or vegetable soup, ratatouille, nut roast, (yeast free) tofu sausages, falafel. Unless you have taken an oath of allegiance the butcher’s union, I am guessing that there is going to be something that might sound …… well actually quite delicious! There is a plethora of population based and smaller trial group evidence to support the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Having some tasty non-meat main meals up your sleeve can only help on the road to wellbeing.
Two areas of caution here though. Quorn is best avoided. It is a fungus (mushroom based) and therefore acidifying. Also a lot of vegetarian meal options are quite heavily loaded with cheese, which is best limited.

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2. Drink and eat more greens:

Popeye and your grand mother were in fact highly qualified nutritionists! Adding spinach, kale or watercress to any meal is bound to dramatically improve its health profile. If that just congers up too many bad memories of undesirable school meals for you, or even if you think it sounds delicious, you might also want to consider drinking some powdered vegetables and grasses. Rather than reaching for a diet cola drink or a cup of coffee to give yourself an energy boost, Dr. Young’s Doc Broc power plants or Inner Light Super Greens are healthy and sustainable ways to energise your body.

For those of you that haven’t tried it, it tastes a bit like cold tea and does look a bit like pond water (best mixed in an opaque bottle – for the work environment), but it is one of the most powerful and effective steps you can take to start to turn your health around. Mix it with alkalising puripHy drops.

3. Eat more fresh and raw vegetables:

This can seem undesirable in winter but do remember that heating and cooking food does effect it’s nutritional value. The absolutely essential vitamin C is dramatically reduced by heating foods and you can’t replace its important nutritional benefits by simply taking a vitamin tablet.

Try and find enjoyable ways of increasing your intake of fresh raw veg. You could start by just putting some leaves of little gem lettuce, slices of cucumber or alfalfa sprouts into your (ideally vegetarian!) sandwich.

Having a fresh raw vegetable salad with all meals is the next step and in time you could work towards meals where the main focus is a variety of (ideally organic) fresh, raw vegetables and sprouted seeds, grains, legumes (lentils) or beans. If that sounds about exciting as …. watching plants grow (could be exciting!) then remember that even chips (deep fried potato) can taste good with the addition of salt. Olive oil, Udo’s Choice, fresh herbs, garlic and lemon juice can all help to make those veggies more tasty. Avoid vinegar (and mayonnaise), even when eating out.

4. Have more salt:

The food standards agency have re-started their billboard campaign warning about the health risks of excessive salt consumption. Having witnessed patients / clients significantly reduce their blood pressure on a dietary regime which includes increased levels of salt, it is clear to me that getting rid of the salt shaker is unwise.
Add Redmond Real salt, pink Himalayan salt, regular sea salt or the salt spray pHlavor to your foods and dressings.

5. Review breakfast:

It’s pretty difficult to do much alkalising during the day when you start off with an acidic “kick”. Breakfast in the Western World has for some reason evolved into a festival of acidity. Coffee, orange juice, tea, sugar covered cereals, toast and yeasty spread, jam or honey are all going to feed micro-organisms in your body that are likely to want more of the same later.

Try putting some slices of tomato, cucumber or alfalfa sprouts on a slice of brown bread to start with. If you don’t really feel like much to eat try mixing a bottle of powdered greens and drops. If you’re really feeling adventurous have a salad, green juice or green smoothy to start the day and notice the difference in how you feel.

By following some (or all!) of these ideas you should find that your taste buds start to shift and your food choices might start to change without you having to think too hard about it!

If you have any questions about this article, try reading our Top 10 Alkaline Diet Questions blog post or Ross’s Acid/Alkaline Diet Simplified article!

REMEMBER – If you have a diagnosed pathology (illness) it is wise to consult with a nutritionally orientated physician to discuss an eating and supplement regime.

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  1. lucy o brien Reply

    i found your website brilliant and fantastic for information on alkaline food and research.

  2. Ross Reply

    Great tips Gareth! I really think the biggest takeout of this for me is the overall ‘start slowly and build up slowly’ approach! Don’t try to do it all at once and just start getting the good stuff in!