The Danger of Mercury Fillings

Article by ross

Hey all

Purely by chance I have recently discovered how shockingly dangerous mercury fillings are and I wanted to share this with you all straight away. I’m only just really researching into this and am taking steps to have my mercury fillings looked at and almost definitely removed.

This video does the talking far more effectively than I ever could, so take a look:

I have spoken with someone who had their fillings removed without the necessary procedures and their health suffered dramatically so I would strongly recommend researching your dentist choice for a specialist who has all of the correct equipment and who specialises in this procedure.

I am heading down this path now so will keep you updated with my findings!

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  1. Habib Reply

    Thanks for this post. I am really shocked by reading this post :O :O

  2. Donna Bilyeu Reply

    They still use mercury fillings because they can. Until there is a law against it, it probably will continue. They did lobotimies, not the right spelling, but you get the picture, in the 50’s until They decided it was doing no good, but Harm. These things take a while. Cuts down on lawsuits and responsibility. Come on doctors give us poor people a break and step to the plate and do the right thing. God will bless you for it.

  3. gshields Reply

    ok, this sucks–if it’s true. i don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be. then why is it still be used????

  4. Rick Reply

    I have suffered from fatigue, moods swings, loss of concentration and headaches for over 20 years now I don’t see why I should put up with this any longer. After seeing a documentary on mercury fillings and people with similar problems I decided to check whether it’s Mercury poisioning from amalgam fillings that maybe causing my problems. I have visited my doctor and had all sorts of blood tests done over the years but he cannot give me an answer to my symtoms.
    I have just started to get my Mercury fillings removed. I am also taking Humet as a Mercury Detox. Hopefully things will improve when all my fillings have been replaced.
    Can anyone give details of similar experiences and results following removal of their amalgam fillings and also details of mercury detox which could benefit others?

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  7. Heather Reply

    For people who can’t afford this, yet know they are suffering from all kinds of ill health, what can one do in the mean time to buffer the effects? I have had these fillings for over 25 years (when I was young my mother had to rely on government funded dentists and doctors and that is all they will pay for is mercury fillings) and it scares me how many problems I have had in my life that must be directly related to this. My dad has known this for all these years but we’ve never been able to afford to have them removed and even when I had a good job the insurance wouldn’t cover it.

  8. Tony Reply

    I have been amalgam free for about6 months. I cant believe how much better I have been feeling. Especially the mood and weight swings.

    Tony D.

  9. Joy Reply

    This is a great post. You are smart to really research your dentist. I have personal experience with this that did not go well. My ex had his mercury fillings removed a year and a half ago and within a month and a half, he went from being an extremely active semi-pro cyclist to a young guy with severe thyroid disorder. Mercury competes with iodine in the thyroid and can severely inhibit thyroid function. So, just make sure you do a heavy metal detox after you have them removed. Even if your dentist claims it’s 100% safe, I would still question whether or not it’s better to leave them in then have the potential of mercury poisoning by having them removed. Any dentist who says there is no mercury that escapes is not telling you the truth. It is pretty much impossible not to have some toxic exposure to it. So just be careful, that’s all. 🙂 There are tests you can have to measure the mercury being released from your fillings. Some people have no off-gassing and other people have tons. Every case is unique. Good luck my friend.

  10. Ross Reply

    Hi Christine

    I’m booked in – looking forward to it! Will let you know!


  11. christine Reply

    Can anyone tell me if they got the mercury fillings removed and has it improved there health.

  12. Karen Mckay Reply

    Very impressed with the video smoking teeth .
    I have known for years that Mercury fillings are very bad for ones health, but once you have a mouth full of them, it seems easier to leave alone than “expose” the mercury. However, this video clip reveals the terrible evidence of the daily damage that these fillings are wrecking on our whole body. I feel now that I need to get mine replaced. A list of dentists trained to remove them safely would be a very useful starting point, but I just know it is going to cost a fortune!