Alkaline Diet Tip #11: Look after your digestive system – have husks every day

Article by ross

husks every day help the digestive system

Your energy, health & vitality is determined by the health of your digestive system. In today’s alkaline diet tip I teach you one simple step you can take to improve your digestive system rapidly, starting today for under $5.

…Husks Husks Husks


Have husks every day
Psyllium husks are very cheap and are a FANTASTIC source of insoluble and soluble fibre. If you have any kind of mainstream digestion problem then get onto the husks and include a serve in your diet each day.

A teaspoon mixed in a glass of water (followed by another glass of water) will do a great deal of good.

Husks are really cheap from health food stores (and online). Get natural, unprocessed and unflavoured.

A lot of packaged husk products add flavour and dextrose, making it quite acid-forming.

Every time I put a shout out for husks I get a mountain of emails saying thanks

So go for it!

Get husky!

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Don’t go too hard, don’t be hard on yourself, don’t give up everything at once!

…start slow, go day by day, don’t try to eliminate everything all at once, allow yourself treats and relax!

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  1. kara Reply

    Hi Ross – Do you usually take the psyllium husks on an empty stomach, right before a meal or after? Is only one teaspoon a day really enough? I suppose I should actually start taking the organic psyllium husks that I bought last month! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hi Kara

      I don’t think too much about it – I just get them in. They’re like a ‘food’ to all intents and purposes, so I don’t stress about the empty stomach thing. I have a spoon a day as I am in balance. If you are starting a new regime or healthy lifestyle start with one and if it works for you progress to two until you start getting the results you want, and then you can drop back down again.