Audio Interview: Gareth Edwards on Alkaline Water


Gareth EdwardsHey everyone!

This week I interviewed alkaline diet expert, blood microscopist and nutritionist Gareth Edwards on the subject of alkaline water. In this 25 minute interview we talk about the alkaline diet, water ionizers, antioxidants and more.

Click on the play button to hear my interview with Gareth Edwards:

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A Bit About Gareth Edwards

Gareth, who heads Food for Life, the UK’s leading live food nutrition and live blood microscopy clinic is perhaps the UK’s most qualified and experienced blood microscopist and we are extremely excited to have him on board!

Gareth has a real passion for natural health and nutrition through real, live, whole foods and his philosophies sit exactly with ours. I know many of you will already know Gareth or will have met him at the Dr Young Event and for those of you who do know him – you will understand why I am so excited!

Gareth brings a wealth of experience and as a qualified, highly respected nutritionist he will give us insights and angles that we have previously not been able to explore.

In the coming weeks Gareth will be contributing regularly to the Energise Blog and newsletters and will also be answering your questions – but more on that next week.

Here is Gareth’s official bio:

Gareth Edwards helps people to overcome health challenges with fresh living foods. He has a degree in Natural therapeutics, a diploma in nutritional therapy and is a nutritional blood microscopist.

Gareth has helped people with health challenges as diverse as wanting to loose a few pounds to potentially life threatening disease diagnoses. He has been explaining the importance of food selection and choices to customers and clients at the new Whole Foods market since it opened in June and also practices at London’s leading complimentary health Hale Clinic.

His fresh food based approach draws inspiration from his visit to the Hippocrates Centre in Florida and personal tuition by leading American microbiologist Robert Young. He was also taught by British Nutritionist Patrick Holford during his studies at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.

One of the corner stones of maintaining or re-discovering optimal personal health is healthy blood. Made aware of this by recovery from a severe infection, Gareth uses the cutting edge technique of live blood analysis to help patients see the state and shape of their red blood cells. This test provides information and insights that are unlikely to be apparent from tests more widely used in conventional medical practice. This test can be really useful and fun to do, whatever your current health goals are. It requires only four small drops of blood.

Gareth is also acutely aware that sometimes, in spite of good intentions, we sometimes struggle to choose healthy foods. He also helps people to assess what may be getting in the way of eating the foods and quantities that they want to eat.

Gareth has won three sporting national championship titles and writes a weekly column in the Daily Star.

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  1. HCTan Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I am new to alkalinity. Can you drink alkaline water the whole day and replace other drinks with it?

    Also can we take medication with this water?


    • Ross Reply

      Hi there

      You can drink alkaline water all day! You can also use this water to make your tea 🙂

      It is recommended that you don’t take medications at the same time (with) ionized water as the smaller water cluster size can affect absorption. This is not the case for straight alkaline water though – only with ionized water.

      Speak with your nutritionist if concerned.


  2. Annette Reply

    Loved the interview. I do have to say, I started the water first and it made me feel better enough and gave me energy enough to start diet and excercise changes. I was in a health crisis with so much joint pain I was was on the verge of having to stop working. The water was key to being able to make other changes!

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Annette – that’s awesome. Drop me an email on [email protected] – I’d love to hear more about it!

  3. Greg Reply

    I understand the ph will remain the same but will the O.R.P. change if the alkaline ionized water is stored in a plastic bottle for a few days.

    • Ross Reply

      Firstly, make sure your plastic bottle is BPA-free and food grade. The ORP will diminish gradually over an 8 hour period.


  4. Hamid Gulay Reply

    Dear Ross,
    Your interwiew with Gareth Edwards is very useful, thanks for sharing with us.

    My questions are ;-
    1- What are the difference and the use of Alkaline water and Ionized water for our health ?
    2- Does Ionized water contain Anti-oxidants and why it is more Hydrating ?
    3- How can Middle-East people purchase your products if you are limited in U.K., U.S.A., Canada and Australia ?

  5. Woahsy Reply

    Sound quality for Ross’ dialogue needs replacing. Can’t hear it here on most of the questions and responses. Gareth’s coming through clearly though. Did you use Skype?