Your Tap Water is Shocking

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Shower Filter Water WomanI’ve long had a hunch that the tap water we drink, the water our government/state is piping into our homes is not good for us. But I’ve never seen such conclusive evidence.

A 3-year study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) assembled an unprecedented database of 20 million drinking water quality tests performed by water utilities since 2004 and found…get this…316 contaminants in US tap water.

And most scary…Among the contaminants were 202 chemicals that are not subject to any government regulation or safety standards for drinking water

Water Contaminants – Not Just a Drinking Water Issue!

My approach to healthy living a.k.a. the alkaline diet is pretty simple. I always try to keep things as straightforward as possible and focus my energy on teaching and following the core stuff that is going to make the biggest difference to your health with the least amount of effort.

With this in mind I then like to focus on the handful of things you do on a daily basis, or that you have the most exposure to each and every day.

Anything that falls into this category needs consideration and right at the top of this list is:

…the water you shower in!

Anything you do on a regular or long term basis can cause huge problems if you’re doing it with a flawed process or with sub-optimal ingredients – and this is absolutely the case with showering and bathing.

If you’re like the majority of people who read my blog you will be concerned by the toxins in your drinking water, and chlorine in particular. You’ve probably got some level of filtration or even an ionizer – but did you know that filtering your shower water is just as important?!

Why Filtering Your Shower Water is Critical For Your Health

You drink (hopefully) 3-4 litres of nice, clean, filtered water each day…but you expose your skin to over 30-40 litres per day in the shower or bath……and you really, REALLY don’t want to expose yourself to this much chlorine.

The problem with chlorine is not just that it makes your skin and hair really aged, dry and dull – but something that hardly anyone realises:

When chlorine interacts with the organic matter in your water it creates disinfection byproducts (DBPs).

And these DBPs are actually way more toxic to your body than the chlorine itself!

These DBPs are actually to blame for the majority of the toxic effects of chlorinated water! In fact, up to 10,000x! And THIS is the reason you need to filter your shower water as well as your drinking water.

Need some proof?

Just one of the DBPs that come from the chlorination of tap water include the diffuclt to pronouce trihalomethanes (THMs). THMs are actually classified as Cancer Group B carcinogens…yes, that’s right, they’ve been PROVEN to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

I hope, if you don’t filter your drinking water, that last line will convince you to – but this can be even more important for your bathing water. The American Journal of Public Health has shown that 2/3 of the damage caused by chlorine exposure is through skin absorbtion and inhalation, not drinking. In other words, most of the damage that chlorine in your water causes comes when you’re in the shower.

Studies show that after a 10-minute shower in chlorinated water, your blood levels of THMs (common disinfection byproduct – DBP) can potentially increase by as much as a staggering 700%.

The Dangers of Absorbing/Inhaling Chemicals/Chlorine

Here is just a small number of reasons why you NEED to filter your shower water:

  1. American Journal of Public Health – Linked chlorine absorption and inhalation exposure to increased cancer, asthma, and skin irritation risks.
  2. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – When chlorine vaporizes in steam in your shower, it converts to chloroform gas. Chloroform can be a strong respiratory irritant and cause fatigue.
  3. The bottom line – When absorbed or inhaled into your body, chlorine DBPs can potentially cause… weakening of your immune system… disruptions to your central nervous system… damaging effects to your cardio system… unhealthy functioning of your renal system… and harmful impacts to your respiratory system.

The Simple Answer: The Chanson Shower Filter

It is abundantly clear that everyone should filter their shower water of chlorine and prevent their body from absorbing and inhaling these carcinogenic DBPs – and fitting a Chanson Shower Filter is the simple solution.

At a cost of only £40 and the ease of simply screwing it onto your shower head, it is the simplest solution to such a big problem!

The Chanson Shower Filter has been engineered to remove at least 95% of harmful chlorine from your shower water. It is the only shower filter that filters, softens, and energises the water.

It leads to:

  • Healthier, younger-looking skin
  • Softer, more manageable hair
  • Relief from dry skin and scalp
  • Less fading on color-treated hair

I rarely recommend products directly through the blog, but this one is too important. For such a simple solution it would seem silly not to let you know about it.

So if you want to save yourself from the toxicity of DBPs on a daily basis then CLICK HERE to find out more about the Chanson Shower Filter.

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