What is the Most Alkaline Food on Earth?


The alkaline diet is focused around eating alkaline foods and avoiding acid foods. So wouldn’t it make sense to know what the most alkaline food is? Of course, there are many contenders, but if you make sure you eat a lot of the most alkaline food then you will rapidly start to experience the wonderful benefits of the alkaline diet.

How we know that foods are alkaline?

There are two ways to determine whether a food is acid or alkaline. A right way and a wrong way! The reason I say this is because one method tests the alkalinity or acidity of the food before it is eaten whereas the other measures whether the food is acid-forming or alkaline-forming in the body and I am much more interested in the latter.

This is why you see the differences in the acid/alkaline food charts. To quote a previous blog post, here is my explanation:

Some charts determine acidity or alkalinity on the food before it is consumed & others (like mine) are more interested in the effect the food has on the body after it has been consumed.

Personally, I have no interest in what a food is before I’ve eaten it – I want to know whether it will alkalise or acidify my body. Make sense?

Some stand out examples include fruit, as you mentioned, such as banana – but another great example is the low sugar fruits such as tomato and lemon. These are listed under the PRAL charts as acidic, and in their natural state they are – but they are very, very alkalising once consumed and are a really integral part of the alkaline diet – featuring in hundreds and hundreds of recipes.

I hate to think of the amount of people there are out there who are eating a heap of high sugar fruits every day and are not getting any tomato, avocado, lemons, limes etc.

Some people I have spoken to even eat ONLY fruit for half of the day. They are literally living the acid diet!

So, What is the Most Alkaline Food

There are many contenders! Here is a run down of my favourites:


spinach alkaline food

Spinach is a great addition to your diet. It ticks all of the boxes: dark green; leafy; full of chlorophyll and absolutely packed with nutrients including vitamin k; vitamin a; vitamin c; vitamins b1 b2, b3 & b6; vitamin e and contains the following highly alkaline minerals:

  • manganese
  • folate
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • potassium
  • calcium

Plus, for those who are worried that living alkaline will not provide enough protein & calcium – one serve of spinach provides 11% RDI of protein and 25% RDI of calcium. Lovely stuff.

I also like that spinach can be easily used in juices, smoothies, salads, wraps and can also be steamed lightly to let you eat a massive serve really easily. Seriously, try it – steam 3 serves of spinach down, season and you can easily eat it in one meal.


cucumber alkaline food

Cucumber is a very big part of my life! At any given time I’ll have up to 12 cucumbers in my fridge! Brilliant in juices and smoothies they also provide a base for most of my alkaline soups and I love them in salads too. Belonging to the same family as watermelon, zucchini, pumpkin, and other types of squash – they’re water-rich and nutrient dense.

Containing solid levels of vitamin c; vitamin a; potassium; manganese; folate and magnesium they are not as nutrient dense as spinach, but do contain way more water, which has it’s obvious benefits.

Fantastic for the skin, cucumbers are highly alkaline and so important to the alkaline diet. Even if you find the concept of drinking a green vegetable juice too much at this stage, throw a cucumber in with your other juice – you’ll barely notice the taste but you’ll definitely notice the nutrition!


broccoli alkaline food

BROCCOLI! What a star. Containing masses of vitamin c; vitamin k; vitamin a; folate; fibre; manganese; potassium; magnesium; iron and protein – broccoli really packs a nutritional punch. Touted for it’s amazing health benefits, broccoli HAS to be a part of your diet. It’s just too good.

Steamed, raw (in salads) or lightly steam fried, it is a fantastic food. Plus, when it is steamed the fibre in the brocolli binds and is a really effective digestive tract cleanser!

While I am not making this claim directly myself, heaps of recent research has linked broccoli to being very effective against many types of cancer and other degenerative disease.

Here are just a few reports from the dear old BBC:

Broccoli fights cancer
Broccoli fights prostate cancer
Broccoli fights heart disease


kale on chopping board

A wildcard in this list that was originally going to just be the three above, Kale is included because of it’s excellent antioxidant properties, as well as it’s alkaline nutritional profile that includes masses of vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as the important minerals manganese, calcium and iron.

A lot less commonly seen than the other foods on this list, kale is a great addition to your diet. I like to juice it and include it in my legendary dinner “The Vegetable Mountain” (quite simply a mountain of steamed vegetables) as well as finely sliced in steam/stir frys and with my Alkaline Cooked Breakfast.

A word of warning: do try to find organic kale if you can as pesticides are commonly found on kale that is sold in supermarkets. If you have an ionizer, wash the kale in strong alkaline water as this alkaline water removes pesticides very effectively.

So Which Food is the Winner: The Most Alkaline Food

Based upon all factors including nutrient content and ease of use – I would have to go with spinach – spinach is the most alkaline food.

It is SO full of nutrients, highly alkaline minerals and you can use it in so many recipes it means you can get so much of it into your diet – absolutely fantastic!

So eat up and follow popeye’s advice!

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  1. STEPHA Reply

    Are siete casava tortillas alkalizing?

  2. janeen Reply

    1. is it the skin of the cucumber that ratchets up its alkalinity? meaning: if i peel the cuke for green smoothies, am i defeating the purpose by stripping away the alkaline source?

    2. re the 80/20 rule and the optimal alkaline/acidic food intake ratio: what is the metric you’re using? is it weight? volume? calories?

    3. if the ph ultimately required by our blood is ph7.365, then are we saying EITHER (a) eat foods that measure 7’s OR (b) balance the highly acidic “0’s” with highly alkaline “14’s”? meaning, if it’s ultimately all about reaching a ph of 7.365, then is there harm in eating ONLY foods that measure 7 (rather than doing the balancing act spanning both 14’s and 0’s)?

  3. Rajesh Reply

    I don’t understand you mean by “Some people I have spoken to even eat ONLY fruit for half of the day. They are literally living the acid diet!”

    How can eating (only) fruit for half a day make you acidic? Can you explain please?

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  5. Craig Reply

    I’m sorry but I’ve done years of extensive study’s and research that show spinach is not the highest of the alkaline foods. Please give proper and adequate information to the public if your going to do so.. Misinformation can be damaging and it’s misleading.

  6. Russ Reply

    What foods have a higher level of 8 ph alkaline legal?

  7. Bruce Reply

    How much of the cucumber benefit is in the skin that is commonly peeled off?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Bruce

      Lots. If you’re peeling because it’s not an organic cucmuber and you’re worried about pesticides etc, I can understand. But I’d never peel the cucumber for taste reasons. The dark dark green of the skin is rich in nutrients – especially chlorophyll.

      Enjoy the whole plant 🙂


  8. Mary Cullen Reply

    how about organic juiced wheat grass powder and many of Garden of Life products?

    • ross Reply

      It’s not a bad product. I prefer some of those I’ve suggested, but its certainly decent.

  9. Lycia Reply

    I have two questions.. first, when I look up
    Lust if alkaline/acidic foods I get a lot of conflicting list.. very confusing. Also is carob a good alternative for chocolate occasionally, as a less acidic goodie..

    Thank you

  10. joseph iheanyi chris obi Reply

    I just stumbled into site when I needed to know if cucumber is acidic or alkalinic and I must confess that I am stuned with what I just learned. I thank you so much and be rest assured I will a regular in your site.

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  12. Ruby Reply

    Where do we find all the answers to these questions, as I have the same. I’ve been told that to reduce the oxalic in spinach it’s best to steam it, not to eat it raw, so I find Caroles comment confusing. Also the grittyness is because it grows mostly in sandy soil , hence it needs lots of washing to remove it, not contributed to oxalic acid . :-/

  13. star Reply

    if one to consume red meat without getting acid formed ,is to add lots of spinash?

  14. star Reply

    among all in the food kingdom ,is apricot the most alkaline forming of all ?

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  16. Dave Reply

    Yeah spinach is great, and great article. But people should remember to wash the spinach very well as i believe it tops the list of the most pesticide ridden vegetables. Look up ‘dity dozen foods’ on google. Good luck everyone.

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hey Dave – good heads up – totally agree. Spinach is one food I prefer to buy organic.

      Here’s that list you mentioned: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary.php


  17. Hmbissa Reply

    Ross,it is a verry important information,as i searching for a lists of alkaline-rich foods since a while. Most of them are already my daily coices thank you.


    • Ross Reply

      We do our best to give information that will help people. We will keep you posted on updates. Thank you.

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  19. Carol Reply

    The oxalic acid in spinach binds to calcium to form calcium oxalate, which reduces the availability of calcium and also can also lead to the formation of kidney stones. Older leaves contain more oxalic acid than young ones, and cooked spinach seems more of a problem than raw. A gritty, chalky effect on the teeth, it is an indication of high levels of this acid.

  20. rita chappell Reply

    Hi Ross.

    Great reading – always such a pleasure – I am “112” and found out last year that I have a 11 cm circle of Emphysema on one lung. (Well I was a stupid smoker for about 50 years) anyways apart from that I have oddly enough, always been very health minded and when I found out about my problem I decided to change my eating habits even more and now do not indulge in the love of my life CHEESE nor indeed ALL other dairy produce. My lung symptoms are minimal – I drink a lot of my meals from my USA juice extractor which I love and dont eat any meat whatsoever. I still work full time, can garden all weekend and still feel full o` beans. So my message to you is GOOD ON YER. and YES SPINACH AND CO ARE THE GREATEST!! Regards from great nan xxx ps more simple but great recipes like Truman Andersons would be very much appreciated by many including yours truly. x

  21. Truman Anderson Reply

    Very cool, Ross, and I love all of the foods listed above…I also like watermelon and make vinaigrette dressing with watermelon, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, alkaline water, garlic, ginger, organic extra virgin olive oil, and a little naturally brewed, organic soy sauce…

  22. Diane Reply

    Can you tell me, please, the difference between Spinach and Silver beet as far as alkalinity. I grow silverbeet so much easier and absolutely love it daily.

  23. Janine Reply

    Thanks heaps for this info, I will endevour to eat more of these foods. Cheers Janine

  24. bok Reply

    Its great to know all this. especially Spinach. Its wonders and so easily accessible.
    Thank you so much.
    Will there be an adverse effect of too much alkaline?
    What will happen then??

  25. Lilian Kariuki Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for sharing this information. I however wish to differ with you about the PH of Kale. I happen to suffer from excessive acidity and while i do agree that spinach, cucumber and broccoli help to combat my acidity, kale often worsen it. I have learnt to exclude it from my diet or use antiacid medication after eating it. While I am not implying that my problem with kale is an ultimate test of acidity in Kale, I would highly appreciate any information that would help explain why i suffer from acidity after eating kale.


  26. elaine Reply

    oops, forgot..same about cucumbers….does it matter which type of cucumber????

  27. elaine Reply

    hi Ross. i have been using silverbeet..is it the same value as spinach??? or should I switch to spinach….

  28. David Mandia Reply

    Thanks Rosse am so happy To hear about it coz am the one who try to looking for alkaline food,am so happy for this,so according to our place where we are living how about stiff pouligeand rice or cassava?i think you now these food how about it?

  29. jacqueline fogarty Reply

    I am in search of someone who undrestands alkaline dieting and food combining. I follow a strict fruit and vegetable diet with incorporation of proteins at night. I need a running list of foods to eat and guidance on whether the fruit I am eating is alkaline or acidic? Please let me know.

    Jacqueline Fogarty

  30. seeds Reply

    So isn’t alkaline foods not particularly great for you? Yet all those above are perceived as being quite healthy foods.

  31. Cathy Reply

    Hi Ross,
    You look so cute and so smart! Thank you for the information. Spinach is a favorite of mine! I appreciate all your write ups on eating alkaline. You may be interested in Sunrider too. Sunrider is a company that produces herbal products so pure and highly concentrated. The effects of using Sunrider are nothing short of miraculous! I have been using them for 20 years…a great complement to eating alkaline. Thanks!

  32. Broccoli Reply

    Thanks Ross! Your research is highly informative and very very useful, especially now that I’m learning the proper way of eating the right kind of food. =)

  33. Ruby Magno Reply

    Thanks for the info. I want to know if wheatgrass is most alkaline food than spinach.

  34. lomwell labrador Reply

    Thanks. But here in the philippines, not much spinach can be found especially those living in the south.

  35. Danny Lopez Reply

    Can one eat a total alkaline diet daily, or try?
    I get alot of gas from non alkaline foods,, like a tostada with a few greens and tomatoes, is it because its mixing alkaline with acid foods?

    Im taking protein shakes for the gym,, can I mix them with(blend) spinach?

    thanks ,


  36. Kim French Reply

    Hi Ross glad to hear about the spinage as I try and pack it in to everything,also just started using your alkiline cook book and love it, at last sum yummy food that’s all alkiline thanks soooo much dude

  37. christine harris Reply

    thank you so much for your help we all have to train ourselves into eating the right food it makes such a difference and i am feeling much better now thank you again for waking me up. christine

  38. Heather Reply

    Hi- Is an alkaline diet good for fertility in men and women?

  39. maya Reply

    Thank you so much for the wealth of information………… I have started on my journey to becoming healthy and alkaline. Keep it up and send all information and delicious recipes.

  40. Krista Reply


    This is awesome! Thanks for your email directing me to your blog. This is so affirming! I’ve been bumping up my alkalizing food intake lately – due to joint pain I’ve been experiencing… I’d have to say that I eat your first three EVERY DAY! YUM! And Kale 2-3 times a week.

    You’re so right about spinach! You can blend it in ANYTHING. I made potato pancakes the other day and blended in spinach and basil and serano, garlic, and red onion… a little powerhouse of alkalinity!

    I blend spinach into just about every sauce I make too!

    It’s a GREAT way to get more nutrition into kids too! My brother blends greens and other veggies into the food he makes his daughter.

    Thanks for your fabulous blog and I love the bright pictures!

    Krista :O )
    Singer/Songwriter and a student of nutrition!!

    PS – I also squeeze lemon or lime in and on everything for added alkalizing fun!

  41. JILL Reply

    Thanks for all the great information. I’ve read in various books about acidity and alkalinity, including The PH Miracle, and can honestly say that your explanations are the clearest and easiest to really understand. Thanks for all your generosity

  42. Pavlina Reply

    Thank you!
    Doesn’t broccoli give you the bloating? Or it’s a myth!

  43. Susan Reply

    Good to know! I love my spinach salads 🙂

  44. Kat Rhe Reply

    I think the alkaline diet makes alot of sense, but recently I had two horrible attacks of diverticulitis and was in the hospital for several weeks, one more and my doctor will perform surgery. I know I have to change my eating habits but I am not sure which course to take. Is it safe to eat these foods? They basically told me to stay away from uncooked vegetables, salads, nuts, the skin on anything, and spicy foods? However, I did not eat much of these foods before. I mostly ate pasta. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks

  45. Susn Anderson Reply

    Hi Ross! This is Susan Anderson in Arizona. I have been following Dr. Young’s “The PH Miracle” and have been using all for veggies you listed. Love this way of eating and am having wonderful results.

  46. Aranka Reply

    Spinach is very high in oxalic acid, and when eaten in large amounts (as in green smoothies with avocados, cucumbers etc.) could pose some serious threat to the kidneys, as when oxalic acid is present with calcium rich foods, it will form a stone.

    The Chinese culture avoids it big time, eventhough they have a good reputation for including many, many dark green vegetation in their diet.

    • Ed Reply

      Do you have clinical evidence to back your claim?

  47. Martin Reply

    I’d like to get easy receipes of alkaline food, I’ll share mine with anybody that requested.
    Thank you

  48. Sabine Chiquet Reply

    Thanks Ross~! I’m amazed to hear about the spinach! I’ve been avoiding it (even it was one of my fave foods that I was brought up on) Since following macrobiotic diet which advises that it has some ‘acid’ (can’t remember whichone) which is better to avoid…